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  1. Are my details secure?

  2. Artiste Payment FAQs

  3. As an extra will I be employed or self employed?

  4. Bad photos - what not to use

  5. Calender help - your availability

  6. Can I 'check in' for work?

  7. Can I be registered in more than one region?

  8. Can I be with more than one agency?

  9. Can I change my photos?

  10. Can I change the regional book I've registered in ?

  11. Can I come in and see you in the office?

  12. Can I put myself forward for two jobs on the same day?

  13. Can I register if I live outside the UK?

  14. Can I register in any other way?

  15. Can I use photos taken on a smart phone or tablet?

  16. Daily earnings

  17. Different types of registration

  18. Do I have to complete the application all at once?

  19. Do I have to fill in all my details again?

  20. Do I have to pay a fee if I don't get a job?

  21. Do I need professional photos?

  22. Do I need to belong to a union?

  23. Do I pay anything upfront?

  24. Do you own a uniform ?

  25. Do you provide P45s/P60s?

  26. FAQs regarding Tax, National Insurance, Tax Returns, Employment Status and Benefits

  27. Good photos - guidelines

  28. Having trouble getting to my application for the first time

  29. Having trouble logging back in to finish my application

  30. Help with Selfies

  31. How can I check my photo format

  32. How can I improve my number of work offers?

  33. How do I Apply for a Basic Disclosure Certificate ?

  34. How do I apply for a National Insurance number?

  35. How do I check the size and type of a photo?

  36. How do I convert non JPEG photos?

  37. How do I edit something once it's been saved?

  38. How do I give you my bank details for payments?

  39. How do I know if my photos have uploaded correctly?

  40. How do I show show Casting Collective my Basic Disclosure certificate ?

  41. How do I upload a photo?

  42. How long does it take to be approved?

  43. How long does it takes to get paid

  44. How long is a normal filming day?

  45. How much work can I expect to be offered?

  46. How payment works

  47. How to change your personal details

  48. How to change your photos

  49. How to check my Dress size

  50. How to convert non UK shoe sizes to UK sizes

  51. How to convert non UK shoe sizes to UK sizes

  52. How to login to your organiser

  53. How to measure your height accurately

  54. How to measure your height accurately

  55. How to register

  56. How to register - start here

  57. How to take a "chest" measurement - men

  58. How to take a "chest/bust" measurment - women

  59. How to take a "head" measurement - men

  60. How to take a "head" measurement - women

  61. How to take a "hips" measurement - women

  62. How to take a "inside leg measurement" - men

  63. How to take a "natural waist" measurement - men

  64. How to take a "natural waist" measurement - women

  65. How to take a "neck" measurement - men

  66. How to take a "neck" measurement - women

  67. How to take a "trouser waist" measurement - men

  68. How to upload your passport ID

  69. How will I receive job offers?

  70. I have a complaint

  71. I have a full time job, can I do this work in my time off?

  72. I have a pay enquiry

  73. I have a standard or enhanced disclosure certificate - not basic, is this OK ?

  74. I have two UK bases, which should I register under?

  75. I would like to speak to someone

  76. I'm a novice and need advice

  77. I've worked for you before am I still on your books?

  78. If I apply for an urgent casting am I on your books?

  79. Measurement guidelines - READ THIS FIRST

  80. Men - What measurements do I need?

  81. Minimum tech photo requirements

  82. My photos are professional but they are too small

  83. National Insurance deductions explained

  84. National insurance number entered is already on our system message

  85. National Insurance, what's the difference between Class 1, 2, 3 and 4

  86. Once approved how long am I registered for?

  87. Photo guidance - READ THIS FIRST

  88. Still stuck - need technical help?

  89. Things you can't change on your Organiser

  90. Urgent Casting Photo help

  91. What about VAT (Value Added Tax)

  92. What commission do you take?

  93. What countries are EU and Non-EU?

  94. What do I do in an emergency and can't make a booking?

  95. What do you consider London and the South East?

  96. What do you consider North East England

  97. What do you consider North West England?

  98. What do you consider to be South West England?

  99. What do you consider to be the Midlands?

  100. What happens with tax?

  101. What hours are a nightshoot?

  102. What if I become permanently unavailable?

  103. What if I don't have a passport?

  104. What if I'm from a Non EU country?

  105. What if I'm unavailable for a period of time?

  106. What is a Basic Disclosure certificate and why do I need one ?

  107. What is a confirmed booking?

  108. What is a Double?

  109. What is a pencil booking?

  110. What is a Portrait image and what is landscape?

  111. What is a split day?

  112. What is a Stand In?

  113. What is a Walk On?

  114. What kind of work do you offer?

  115. What questions are we going to ask you?

  116. What time will I finish?

  117. What's the difference between an Urgent Casting and being a priority artiste

  118. What's the difference between KB and MB?

  119. Where will our photos appear?

  120. Why can't you reuse the photos you have?

  121. Why do I need a mobile and email address?

  122. Why do I need a National Insurance Number?

  123. Why do I need to give you my passport details?

  124. Why do you ask about nudity?

  125. Why do you charge an admin fee?

  126. Why do you not accept landscape photos?

  127. Why is my photo taking a long time to upload?

  128. Why won't my photo upload?

  129. Women - What measurements do I need?

  130. Your earnings help